About Us

Gothenburg Telugu Samithi was started in the year 2017, with the sole purpose of bringing together all the telugu community in Gothenburg region
The Objectives of the GTS are,
To preserve and propagate the Telugu cultural heritage and maintain the identity of people of Telugu origin
To provide a forum for elder and younger generations to share their views and ideas
To position the Telugu community on par with the other communities in heterogeneous swedish society.

Our Vision

“A Happy Gothenburg Telugu Community”

Our Principles

GTS is dedicated to Gothenburg Telugu Samithi. We call this commitment in action. Our work isn’t based upon an ideology, but we do have guiding principles: 
We treat each and every Telugu individual alike in the GTS. This principle is inherent in.
We are formed to perpetuate, preserve, and promote the cultural heritage of the Telugu-speaking people in Gothenburg region.
We are flexible in responding to the changing needs for the community with transparency in all our deeds.
If you are interested to join and/or would like to know more please contact info@goteborgtelugusamithi.se.